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Voucher Revision

Schools will also decrease class sizes in public

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schools will also decrease class sizes in public schools by giving the students another option of where they can attend school. This will allow individual students to receive greater attention. Instead of one teacher trying to teach thirty kids at once, they can narrow their focus down to fifteen to twenty. Charter schools benefit their own students as well as the students attending public schools. Private schools provide more opportunities and have a better history of teaching records and efficiency. Public schools have to admit any student within its boundaries and must follow rules and regulations set by politicians. Private schools have the ability to offer smaller class sizes, the freedom to design their own curriculum, the choice to avoid standardized testing. These schools can exist by having a more flexible teaching style and incorporating life values into the lessons. The voucher system will give more kids the chance to receive this personalized education. Students will then start going to private schools, which in turn will make the public schools strive to do better. Messerli says,
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Bordeaux 5 “They will start by squeezing out every bit of efficiency and start emphasizing the teaching of values such as hard work, discipline, and respect for others.” Many public schools today do not have to compete for their students, so they are not concerned with their performance of teaching, or the quality provided to students and teachers. Over many years, “public schools have not had to be concerned with their survival; their survival is independent of their performance because they are subsidized and are supplied with customers, most of whom have no choice of supplier” (Akoff). Once the public schools are put at risk for their survival, there will be a large increase in competition, forcing them to improve or else be put at risk for closure. Although there are many strong supporters for school vouchers, there are some people who oppose this ongoing proposition. The government controls the public school system, so there are more rules forced upon the children in comparison to that of private schools. For example, “private schools will not be required to have their finances audited and they could make decisions on spending tax dollars in secret. It provides no system to monitor their activity” (Antee and Uhler). However, private schools have never had government regulations and yet they are still producing better overall academic results from their students. Having private schools audited would not change their overall performance or their ability to teach students sufficient and meaningful material. Public schools have trouble attempting to stay on top of their increasing needs, such as new books, the cost of teachers, security, and technology. People think that the voucher system will take away the money that is used for these necessities and make public school issues even worse. However, most of the money given to the schools for these basic needs is not even given directly to them. The money is being wasted and not
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Bordeaux 6 put towards the core curriculum classes. Consequently leaving these schools and their students far behind. If all the tax dollars were being put to good use, then public schools would not be failing. The opposing view believes that vouchers will decrease diversity. Messerli states
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schools will also decrease class sizes in public schools by...

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