less for the jog than the dislocation Energy of a jog is 05 to 10 ev in metals

Less for the jog than the dislocation energy of a jog

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less for the jog than the dislocation Energy of a jog is ~0.5 to 1.0 ev in metals Intersection of screw dislocations produces non conservative jogs. Jogs are of edge character, so cannot move with the dislocation If they move along with the rest of the dislocation, they either create vacancies on interstitials. Vacancy jogs more likely than interstitial jogs as they have less energy. ed 2 38
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39 Stress Fields Around Dislocations Edge Dislocation Elastic stress fields surround dislocation lines Interact with other dislocations and solute atoms. Expressions using theory of elasticity Consider the X- section of a cylindrical piece of material, assumed to be continuous and elastically isotropic Edge dislocation can be made by a radial cut along OA (y=0) and sliding cut surfaces by AA1. Edge dislocation running through point O normal to paper, parallel to Z axis: so strains along Z are zero Plane strain situation, so stresses are:
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