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What is the acceleration of the sled what is the

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ground. What is the acceleration of the sled? What is the force of the surface acting up on the sled? 1.79m/s 2 , 124.5N 18) A car is traveling at 25m/s when it slams on the brakes and skids to stop. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.6, how far does the car travel before coming to a stop? Do you need to know the mass of the car? 53.1 m, NO 19) A truck is traveling at 35m/s when the driver realizes the truck as no breaks. He sees a ramp off the road that in inclined at 20° and decides to go up it to help the truck come to a stop. How far does the truck travel before coming to a stop (assume no friction). 182.84m 20) Santa is parked on a snow covered roof that is inclined at an angle of 15°. The coefficient of kinetic friction between Santa’s sled and the snow covered roof is 0.15. The sled’s parking brake fails to work. How long will it take Santa’s sled to slide off the 5m long roof? 2.99s 21) A massless rope hangs over a frictionless pulley. On one end of the rope is a 1.5kg mass. On the other end of the rope is a 2kg mass. If both masses are released from rest, how long will it take for either mass to travel 5m? 2.67s 22) Find the force exerted by each string Find the force exerted by each string 588N, 831.56N 470.4N, 337.84N CIRCULAR MOTION : 23) An insect on the edge of a 15cm radius record completes one rotation in 0.56s. (a) Determine the speed of the insect? (b) Repeat only for an insect that is half way from the center of the record to its edge. (c) Determine each insect’s acceleration. (d) If the coefficient of static friction between the insect and the record is 0.2, what is the maximum velocity for each insect before it slides of the record? a) 1.68m/s b) 0.84m/s c) 18.8m/s 2 , 9.4m/s 2 d) 0.54m/s, 0.38m/s 24) A car is traveling in a circle of radius 10m at a speed of 20m/s. a) What is the car’s acceleration? 40m/s 2 b) If the car has a mass of 800 kg, what is the force of friction on the car? 32,000N c) What is the period for the car? 3.14s 25) A 2 kg ball is swung in a vertical circle. The length of the sting the ball is attached to is 0.7 m. It takes 0.4 s for the ball to travel one revolution (we will assume constant speed) a) What is the period of the ball? 0.4 s b) What is the speed of the ball? 11 m/s c) What is the force of the string on the ball at the top? 326.1 N d) What is the force of the string on the ball at the bottom? 365.3 N 60kg 135°
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26) #25 is just one type of vertical. Remember that there are other scenarios that result in other FBS’s that might alter the math a little. Overall though, the concepts and set up are the same. Going through old notes/HW’s might help you study. 27) A person of mass 60 kg is 3 m from another person whose mass is 80 kg. What is the gravitational force between them? 3.56x10 -8 N 28) A communications satellite orbits the Earth at an altitude of 35,000km above the Earth’s surface.
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