United States The US is home to superheroes like Batman Superman Captain

United states the us is home to superheroes like

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United States The U.S is home to superheroes like Batman, Superman, Captain America , Spider-Man , Flash, Thor, and many others. They set out to save the country free of crimes with their strength. American comics originated in the year 1933 and gained much popularity when Action Comics was published in 1938. This superhero mania lasted till the end of the World War II and after that slowly other genres of comics crept in. With the release of Fredric Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent in 1954 the comics industry had a tough time, as the book professed that the comic books had a bad effect in children’s behavior and it affected them psychologically. In 1960s there was a superhero revival of sorts and the genre continues to be a dominant force even today. The comic characters which the DC and Marvel Comics created have become part of the lives of its readers, who even go to the extent of mourning the death of comic character in the comic books. India India's comic industry began in the mid-1960s when the leading newspaper The Times of India launched Indrajal Comics. The main reason is that most of the outsourced comics were not of affordable rates and there was a growing need for Indian publishers to come up with new ideas and also make it cost effective. Indian comic industry has gone through many phases, where in 1950s there was an influx of American made comic characters translated into Indian languages. The success of these comic books brought a refreshing change in the 1960s with the 252
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