Z is a medium sized UK based accounting practice Z operates a graduate training

Z is a medium sized uk based accounting practice z

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8.Z is a medium-sized UK based accounting practice. Z operates a graduate training scheme. The trainees are given an induction and then placed on a three-year training programme designed to help develop professional skills and experience. The training programme has been in existence for many years. However, there is no clear consensus amongst the partners of Z about what the trainees should be able to do on completion of the programme and therefore what the training programme should emphasize. This lack of clarity is affecting the morale and commitment of the trainees and significant numbers are failing the programme or leaving to join a rival firm. Z's HR Department recognizes the need for committed and well motivated accountants to meet the increased expectations of clients and the competition from rival firms. The HR Department has identified changes to the training programme that can be implemented gradually through a series of initiatives. Which TWO of the following statements regarding the change required in Z are correct? (Choose two.) A. Understanding which day-to-day behaviors to reinforce within the training programme, is about 'routines and rituals' according to the Cultural Web. B. The change would be classified as a 'revolutionary change' according to Balogum and Hope Hailey. C. The need to manage the competitive position is an example of an 'external direct trigger' for change. D. The plans to combat competition would be considered as a 'structure' factor according to the McKinsey 7 S model. E. The skills, abilities and competences of the organization's employee's are a 'hard' factor according to the McKinsey 7 S model. Answer:CE
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