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9 how does deforestation affect the carbon cycle 10

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9. How does deforestation affect the carbon cycle? 10. What is the greenhouse effect? 11. What is the role of atmospheric CO 2 in determining the Earth’s climate? 12. How may climate change affect species? Give an example. 13. Why do all organisms rely nitrogen? 14. How do plants obtain nitrogen from the environment? 15. What is a trophic level? 16. What is the relationship between a food chain and a food web? 17. Name two ways producers (autotrophs) obtain their energy in the form of carbohydrates? 18. Fill out the following consumer chart: Consumer (Heterotroph) Food Source Example Herbivore Carnivore Omnivore Decomposer Detritivore Scavenger
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Name: ________________________________________________ Period: ____ Date: ___________ 19. Answer the following questions based upon the food web. Organism Trophic Level Consumer Level Type of Consumer Squirrel Snake Hawk Toads 20. What is biomass? 21. What would happen to the herbivores in a forest if the primary productivity of that environment was decreased? Would this affect the carnivores as well? Explain. 22. What does each of the three ecological pyramids depict? 23. What does the shape of the energy pyramid indicate? 24. How is the pyramid of energy and biomass related?
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Name: ________________________________________________ Period: ____ Date: ___________
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