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Hormonal satisfaction omits to adopts the

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hormonal satisfaction omits to adopts the precautionary measures and inherit the never ending problem to the society. Opportunities: Window of opportunity: The current organizations present in this industry are providing the high price products to consumers. They are focusing on their product but left the substantial portion of the market as untargeted. Yes, I am talking about the poor people in the world. This industry is not so common and represents the initial stage of its life cycle and represents the opened window of opportunity to the new coming organizations. This sector provides an opportunity to the new coming organizations to serve the teen ager market and through the provision of cost effective products serves the society.
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Answer 2: the problems and opportunities faced by the world form the horrible disease AIDS are given in the first question. As in the previous question I mentioned that the window of opportunity is open in this new market, and attracts the new players to play in the market. The new organizations “in order to get the benefit form this open market, first of all face various problems” arises in the society about the increasing trend of AIDS. These new coming organizations should focus on the following issues and solve them for getting maximum earnings: Provision of education: The major cause of the HIV/AIDS is the lack of knowledge among the people. These organizations through their right promotion channel educate about their product and its value to them in the long period. They should focus on such kind of promotion that would help them in
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