Employment obligations or holiday plans of any kind

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Employment obligations or holiday plans of any kind are not acceptable reasons for absence from any test/examination. Application for special consideration must be lodged through myUNSW with 3 working days of the assessment. 4.7 Final exam The purpose of the final exam is to assess understanding of the macroeconomic concepts and models introduced in the course and to test the ability to use these to interpret and analyse real world situations. The final exam will be held in the University examination period and will be 2 hours in length. It is the student’s responsibility to attend the specified exam venue on time. The final exam will cover material from the entire course. The format of the final exam is: Part A: Multiple choice questions Part B: Written questions The marking criteria for the written answer questions include: Well-constructed and clearly explained diagrams Demonstrated familiarity with and knowledge of course materials Consistent, clear and well supported explanations Incorporation of examples Further information on the content of the final exam will be provided at the end of the semester. 4.8 Quality Assurance The ASB is actively monitoring student learning and quality of the student experience in all its programs. A random selection of completed assessment tasks may be used for quality assurance, such as to determine the extent to which program learning goals are being achieved. The information is required for accreditation purposes, and aggregated findings will be used to inform changes aimed at improving the quality of ASB programs. All material used for such processes will be treated as confidential and will not be related to course grades. 5 COURSE EVALUATION AND DEVELOPMENT Each year feedback is sought from students and other stakeholders about the courses offered in the School and continual improvements are made based on this feedback. UNSW's Course and Teaching Evaluation and Improvement (CATEI) Process is one of the ways in which student evaluative feedback is gathered. You are strongly encouraged to take part in the feedback process.
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