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The banking approach does not provide a joint

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ingenuity of humanity (Freire 4). The banking approach does not provide a joint relationship like this. The banking approach requires the oppressor dumping the narration into the machine. This in turn makes a knowledgeable and educated man. One that will continue the cycle of the banking approach of education and maintain serenity in the world the narrator sees fit. As long as humanity continues to judge the effectiveness of the banking approach through the criteria established by the banking method system it will not change. The criteria are set in place to vindicate that the oppressor is doing a good job in filling the machines (pupils) with the information. “Yet only through communication can human life hold meaning” (Freire 5). Educators’ efforts are legitimate when the pupil legitimizes them. When the student goes out into society, and he accomplishes noteworthy feats, he validates the instructor to a point. The instructor cannot hold the pupils hands forever, the pupil must use the information and knowledge given to him by his teacher and apply it. As a result, the banking approach is discouraged in order for humanity to exist in serenity.
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Menzies 4 Work Cited Freire, Paulo. "The Banking Concept of Education." Trans. Array Pedagogy of the Oppressed . New York: Continuum, 1993. Print. Menzies, my peer review is only my opinion and what I have learned over the  course of this class. I hope you understand my thoughts and ideas, Thanks Kenny Link! 1. After reading I could understand your motivation directed towards teachers and  students making a better effort in their instructing and feedback methods. If I were not  doing the same assignment, it may have been more difficult to understand your clear  questions about the content. I would suggest taking a little more ownership in your  thesis statement and develop a powerful opinion in each paragraph with the new  information researched. I’m not sure if you have incorporated new supportive arguments  from additional resources.  2/3. I believe your thesis is that teachers possess the skills, knowledge, and 
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