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Can you indicate how the fallacy weakens the argument

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see fit. Can you indicate how the fallacy weakens the argument? Do you have any counter- examples to provide that pose problems for the argument? Can you link the fallacy with principles of argumentation that have been violated? Is it relevant to address the context of the argument: the arguers, bias, and so on? How would you strengthen the argument? You do not have to address all these questions, but you do want to take the time to articulate the strongest analysis you can in step 6. Logistics : - Title your assignment. - In a single document, include (a) the subject that you have analyzed (e.g. copy and paste the material, provide a *working* URL to a video) and (b) your analysis of it. - Your write-up should be in 12 point font, and double spaced. - Aim for a word count anywhere between 500 and 750 words. - Be sure to provide the full source you’ve analyzed if it isn’t indicated in the subject itself (where is the argument from? who wrote it? etc). - Save your assignment as a .doc or .pdf file with the file name: yourlastname_yourfirstname_fallacy - Upload your assignment to the link provided on Moodle the week of March 19 - Any assignment posted after March 19 loses 5% a day - be sure to upload your work well before midnight on the 19th, as there are no excuses for late work. Grading Rubric : Steps 1 to 4 - 5 marks Steps 5 and 6 - 8 marks Spelling, Grammar - 2 marks
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