Reaction was concession so hitler can be pleased food

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reaction was concession (so Hitler can be pleased – food, oil, metal) Stalin wasn’t prepared for Operation Barbarossa – heading towards major cities (3 armies) Big ideological struggle – Hitler said that the Bolsheviks were almost as bad as the Jews Germans didn’t really like the Russians Stalin knew his regime would struggle if the USSR lost the war – was willing to do anything to win it – Germans didn’t have winter clothing but that’s b/c they thought the war would end sooner (Russians were used to it) Russians under Stalin started to push Germany back Threw all their resources in the Battle of the Buldge – December 1944 – Americans lost (but barely) Stalin’s dictatorship was essential to the outcome of WWII There was no official end to the war, but there were just lots of resignations (no treaty) 25 million civilian casualties; over 10% of the Russian population died; WWII – systematic extermination of races and religions – German soldiers were told to rape as much as they could…wtf – agriculture stopped – Great Britain was okay rationing started in GB after the war – lots of food production problems – American economy was booming – just what they needed to escape the depression work for everyone, even women In Europe, there were a lot of refugees – 4 million Germans who had to relocate – some were just trying to move to a better place
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reaction was concession so Hitler can be pleased food oil...

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