The second paragraph thus uses a few details to

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and a repeating motif that Faulkner focuses on. The second paragraph, thus, uses a few details to indicate the family’s ties to the southern past and their difficulties to survive in the present. Details on the family’s possessions show the relatively low economic status of the family. Their meager belongs consists of “the battered stove, the broken beds and chairs, the clock inlaid with mother-of pearl, which would not run.” In the post-antebellum South, many whites are forced to become sharecropper. As a result, their declining socioeconomic situations led to resentment and anger towards the aristocracy and African-Americans. The new patterns of the South is one of many causes of the father’s actions and the internal struggles of Sarty. Their ceaseless and often futile attempts to survive can make these poor sharecroppers feel helpless, as if the clock would no longer run and the days of “superior” socioeconomic status are of a “dead and forgotten day and time.” These realities of the post-antebellum South are often explored in Faulkner’s works and can, in this story, serve as the background and one of many causes that brought the family to their current state. Faulkner uses this opportunity to reveal that issues of the past continues to be issues in the present The University of Texas at Austin Web Privacy Policy | Web Accessibility Policy Page 2 of 3