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For Speech-Language Pathology certification Standard IV-B : “The applicant must have demonstrated knowledge of basic human communication… processes, including the appropriate biological, neurological…, psychological, devel opmental, and linguistic and cultural bases.” Standard IV-F : “The applicant must have demonstrated knowledge of processes used in research….” For Audiology certification Standard IV-A : Requires knowledge of: A4. Normal development of speech and language A5. Language and speech characteristics and their development across the life span A6. Phonologic, morphologic, syntactic, and pragmatic aspects of human communication associated with hearing impairment A18. Principles and practices of research... You will have other courses and experiences that also address some of these aspects of the ASHA standards. If you have questions or concerns, visit the ASHA website and read over the certification procedure and requirements. Forms for recording how you have met the standards can be found at . SAVE THIS SYLLABUS to help you document fulfillment of the ASHA standards. Where will I find updated course information? We will be using the Canvas course management system ( ) which includes communication, a repository of information (announcements, study aids, assignments, supplementary materials), and collection of student work (e.g., quizzes). All email correspondence related to the course will be done through Canvas . Throughout the semester, make it a habit to check Canvas often. How am I going to be evaluated? I try to provide several different kinds of opportunities for assessment and evaluation throughout the course. There will be 3 exams, each worth the same proportion of the final grade. The last exam will be held at the scheduled final exam time, but it will not be cumulative. You will complete 3 assignments, one of which is in 2 parts. You will complete an online quiz on the syllabus, and will earn points for participation in classroom activities throughout the semester. You will also participate in World in Conversation. Here is a list of the evaluation activities we will do, and the number of points toward your final grade that each activity is worth. The total number of possible points for the course is 505. points Syllabus quiz 12 Clicker participation 20 Exam 1 100 Exam 2 100 Exam 3 100 points Assignments Journal club 1 12 Journal club 2 18 Language sample 85 Vocalizations 43 World in Conversation 15
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