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ECE _DSST _ Human Resource MGMT

The social security program pays benefits to workers

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The Social Security Program pays benefits to workers who are too seriously disabled to perform substantially gainful work. In order to be eligible for these benefits, the worker must have been contributing to the program for at least 6 months and was expected to continue doing so for at least 12 months.
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Workers compensation insurance is required by both federal and state law in order to defray the loss of income and medical costs that an employee will suffer as a consequence of a work-related accident or illness. The loss of income will result from a work-related illness or accident and hence this insurance will have reduced that effect on the worker and his or her family. Discretionary employee benefits include retirement plans, paid vacation leave, life insurance and health benefits. Some employers offer a retirement plan to its employees. These plans (also known as pension plans) can be contributory - where both employers and employees contribute to the fund or it can be noncontributory, so that only the employee contributes. A cost of living allowance adjusts workers’ income automatically to inflation. COLA clauses turn price level increases into wage increases. A COLA (cost of living allowance) adjusts worker wages for inflation, which is reflected by increasing prices. Safety and Health The key legislation passed in 1970 that is designed to protect the health and safety of every worker is called OSHA. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act). Companies want to avoid any occupational safety and health accidents primarily because it is costly . It is far less expensive to introduce a proper health and safety program in the workplace than to deal with the costs of health care, loss of productivity and absenteeism . The OSHA creates and enforces compulsory work safety and health standards that cover the four main groups of general industry, maritime, construction and agriculture. Agriculture is one of the groups of employers and employees that are covered by the standards formed by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). In the workplace, employers are responsible for ensuring compliance with any OSHA regulations that may apply. It is the duty of employers as prescribed by the OHSA to be responsible for compliance in the workplace A formal program is normally created by companies to meet their obligations under the OSHA and this program is normally the responsibility of the Human Resources Manager. The Secretary of Labor is authorized by the OSHA to carry out workplace inspections , issue citations and penalize errant employers. Employees must comply with the relevant OSHA standards and report hazardous conditions; they can also demand a safe working environment as well as request information about health and safety conditions from their employers. Employees are given many rights relating to their rights to request information regarding health and safety at their place of work. These
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The Social Security Program pays benefits to workers who...

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