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No i didnt but all the guys were interested to see

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No I didn’t but all the guys were interested to see what I was capable of. Apparently, Adrian was definitely the cool athletic guy capable of doing anything and everything. Everyone looked up to him as the leader, so to speak. Now I have a reputation to uphold by default. It all worked out, my tennis expertise made me just as agile as he was on the field. I’m a quick learner and I got the feel of a frisbee and how to throw really well. We became good friends, even had a class together. The only aspect that did not match up was that he was good with the girls, so he got them all. Every morning at home, I would wake up at sunrise to go for a three to four mile run. I did the same here at Exeter and received various comments from everyone for doing so. I enjoy it. One morning, I found a new trail behind one of the other dormitories that led into the forest. It looked as if the trail was an old service road that the shrubs were taking back. I followed it into the dark green wilderness and ran along. I was mesmerized by how healthy these ancient oaks and willows were. Then a sudden rush shoots down my spine. I feel a sharp sting in the back of my neck, followed by another. I sprint as fast as I could, dodging bushes and tree branches left and right, still hearing the
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4 frightening buzzing sound of wasps around my head. I was finally able to slow down after what is now my most frightening mile race. I sat down on a beaten log gasping for air. After several minutes of trying to catch my breath, I finally stood up and took a good look around. I feel a different surge that fills my entire body, one that I am not familiar with: panic. I was unable to figure out which way I had come running from or which direction I should continue moving in to make it back to school. I did not bring my cell phone or anything else that could have been of possible help. I take a deep breath and hum the eenie meenie minie moe song to choose my heading. After an hour of wandering aimlessly, I begin feeling hunger and thirst taking over, fatiguing my body even more. Then I hear a trickling of water in the distance. My heart begins racing, another rush of adrenalin surges through me as I turn and dash toward the sound. I am hurling myself through the plants, running over any obstacle in my path until I stumble into a river. The water was clear and cold; I have never felt so relieved. I drank a gallon and swam to my
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No I didnt but all the guys were interested to see what I...

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