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In addition when hauchecome was saved from the

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In addition, when Hauchecome was saved from the accusation of stealing the purse, many people didn’t believe him. From that point in his life to his death, he had been trying to prove to everyone that he did not pick up a purse from the ground, but rather it was a string. No one believed him. “‘Those are lying excuses,’ they said behind his back” (6). By this, the author could be hinting that Hauchecome had in all probability done something in the past that triggered his fellow work partners to deny Hauchecome’s attempt to prove himself innocent.
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Finally, one act that Hauchecome makes could point out to the reader that he is self- conscious of what other people would think about him. “Maitre Hauchecome was seized with a sort of shame to be seen thus by his enemy, picking a bit of string out of the dirt” (2). So instead of just ignoring the fact that his enemy was there, looking at him picking up a piece of string, he decided to pretend to have dropped something and started looking for it. This act backfired right at him. It was more evidence to the accusation that he had stolen the purse. His enemy had reported that Hauchecome had picked up the purse, and started looking on the ground as if he had dropped some money. So, in my opinion, Hauchecome’s actions are the only reason to why no one would believe him, resulting in his death. He destroyed himself.
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In addition when Hauchecome was saved from the accusation...

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