Guidelines for Islamic Modes of Finance, SBP

His capacity as an agent to the institution should he

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Unformatted text preview: his capacity as an Agent to the Institution, should he be so appointed as an Agent of the Institution. The said Receipt shall be substantially in a form given in Musawamah Document # 4. 2.02.1 After the purchase of Goods by the Institution, the Client shall offer to purchase the Goods from the Institution at the Contract Price in the manner provided in the Part-II of the Declaration. 2.03 The Client shall purchase the Goods from the Institution after the Institution has beneficially acquired the Goods. The Musawamah purchase of the Client from the Institution shall be file:///C|/Documents and Settings/Administrator/...delines for Islamic Modes by SBP/musawamah/1.htm (3 of 11) [2/23/2008 11:51:13 PM] State Bank of Pakistan - The Central Bank effected by the exchange of an offer and acceptance between the Client and the Institution. The Goods shall remain at the risk of the Institution until such time the client has accepted the offer made by the Institution as set out in the Appendix C of this Agreement, immediately after which, all risks in respect of the Goods shall be passed on to the Client. OR (to be applicable if sale is being made from inventory of the institution) 2.03 The Institution has agreed to sell the Goods to the Client and the Client has agreed to purchase the Goods from the Institution for the Contract Price. Upon receipt by the Institution of the Client's Purchase Requisition advising the Institution of its requirements, the Institution shall deliver the Goods to the client. The title of Goods shall stand transferred to the Client as per agreed terms of delivery 3. SECURITY 3.01 As security for the indebtedness of the Client under this Agreement, the Client shall:- (a) Furnish to the Institution collateral(s)/security (ies), substantially in the form and substance attached hereto as Musawamah Document # 7; (b) Execute such further deeds and documents as may from time to time be required by the Institution for the purpose of more fully securing and or perfecting the security created in favour of the Institution; and (c) Create such other securities to secure the Client ’ s obligations under the Principal Documents as the parties hereto, may by mutual consent agree from time to time. (The above are hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Security"). 3.02 In addition to above, the Client shall execute a demand promissory note in favour of the Institution for the amount of the Contract Price (the "Promissory Note"); (The Security and the Promissory Note are hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Security Documents"). 4. FEES AND EXPENSES The Client shall pay to the Institution on demand within 15 days of such demand being made, all expenses (including legal and other ancillary expenses) incurred by the Institution in connection with the negotiation, preparation and execution of the Principal Documents and of amendment or extension of or the granting of any waiver or consent under the Principal Documents....
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his capacity as an Agent to the Institution should he be so...

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