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They arent looking out for the common good but rather

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They aren’t looking out for the common good but rather they are trying to get rich off of an individualistic ideal. Even though people have an input on their overall health, having an unjust health care system doesn’t help any conditions they may face. If they have diabetes and do not have the insurance to pay for the proper treatments I feel the healthcare system should help that person so they can get the assistance they need. As previously stated all other developed nations have universal health care except the United States. As you can see the society we live in thrives on an individualistic ideal. Everyone is looking out for their own personal gain especially the health care system. The United States is among one of the richest developed nations in the world yet it doesn’t provide its citizens with universal health care as every other developed nation (Shi & Stevens, 2010). This is because the insurance companies want to generate as much capital as possible without worrying about the common good of society. We must break the selfish chains so that all people regardless of economic standing can receive the healthcare they need so that they can have a fighting chance at life.
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References Shi, L., & Stevens, G. (2010). Vulnerable populations in the United States . (2 ed., pp. 70-72). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Individual Liberty vs. Common Good Notes from class.
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