80 400 of the following the one used to measure

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80% 400 Of the following, the one used to measure radiation: PET Scan, Decay Series, Geiger Counter Geiger Counter 600 The name of a radioisotope used to follow the progress of a chemical or biological process. Radiotracer 800 Of 50-100, 300-400, or 1000-2000 mrem, the approximate average yearly exposure of US residents to radiation. 300-400 mrem 1000 This is the term for any radiation energetic enough to strip electrons from atoms. Ionizing Radiation Potpourri 200 This was the original method that radiation was detected and discovered. Film 400 This material was used in the first controlled fission reaction to moderate the neutrons. Graphite 600 This isotope is the result of α decay of Rn-222. Po-218 800 This is a device used by scientists to monitor their monthly exposure to radiation. Film Badge 1000 What is the product of the following nuclear reaction: 95 241 Am + 2 4 He 2 0 1 n + ? 97 243 Bk Final Jeopardy Category: Half-Life Calculations If 1.0 mg of a radioactive isotope is left after 4 half-lives have passed, how much of the isotope was originally present? Answer: 16 mg Note: “bombardment” is also an acceptable answer
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