Table 2 Cladding Dead Loads Type of Cladding Dead Load very approximate Class

Table 2 cladding dead loads type of cladding dead

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Table 2: Cladding Dead Loads Type of Cladding* Dead Load – very approximate. Class values varied from these. Reference – you needed to provide your source, any relevant source is acceptable. However, be very careful about distinguishing material densities of the outer material from the entire system which includes supporting members, insulation, water proofing, etc. Brick veneer 50 psf Slate Shingle 30 psf Precast Cladding 40 psf Glazed curtain wall 12 psf Metal panel cladding 10-20 psf *Note that many values are estimated– manufacturer would provide exact weights but not during the design stage as the project specification must allow for multiple bidders on a project. Problem 3) Snow Loads Note that Designer snow loads are provided on Drawing S-000. a) From site plan there are buildings within 1500 feet in the North and East directions: Terrain Category B. b) Basis of snow load is ASCE-7 Equation 7.3-1 p f =0.7C e C t I s p g C e from Table 7-2. I will choose partially exposed (large equipment on roof), so C e =1.0 Designers used C e =0.9 C t from Table 7-3. C t =1.0 I s from Table 1.5-1 and 1.5-2. Risk category is II (risk to human life due to occupancy – typical of an office building, residence, etc.). Many of you (and the designer) used risk category III, I s =1.10 (substantial risk) which is a little high in my opinion. This would be more typical of a high number of people at a time, such as the Mullins Center. Designers used I s =1.10 Figure 7-1, p g =50 psf (designers chose 40 psf but were NOT using ASCE7 for loads) Therefore p f =0.7(1.0)1.0(1.0)50=35.0 psf Minimum snow load p m =20(1.0)=20psf USE p f =35.0 psf (designers got 35 psf) c) Use ASCE-7 Section 7.7 Dimensions for the drift are shown in the Figure, where ASCE7 Figures 7-8 and 7-9 define the dimensions and drift height, respectively. Note the information in Section 7.7.1 defining
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