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Also the sea monster looks different in every version

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before saving Andromeda. Also, the sea monster looks different in every version, which is expected since the sea monster was not described very much in the narrative, and it was up to the artists’ discretion in deciding how to show the sea monster. In the narrative, the monster is only really described as having scales, a barnacled back, and a tapered fish tail. The closest rendition that fits the description given in the book would probably have to be the Carracci and Wtewael paintings. While the depiction of the sea monster is closer to the one given in the narrative, in both paintings, Perseus is riding Pegasus while defeating the monster, while in the narrative he was wearing the winged sandals. The Boscotrecase and Delacroix paintings seem the most true to the narrative to me. In the Boscrotrecase painting, Perseus flies to Andromeda’s rescue in his winged sandals and Andromeda is chained to the rock while the sea monster comes for her. The only element which seems to be missing in this particular scene are Andromeda’s parents who had stood by and watched as they waited for the monster to take their daughter. The Delacroix painting shows Perseus diving down to meet the sea monster, which is exactly as the moment is described in the
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