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Some were just trying to move to a better place

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– some were just trying to move to a better place Politics ideas – people sought refuge in the family & sought material well-being 3 Conferences: o Tehran 1943 – US & Great Britain would liberate Western Europe & USSR would liberate Central & Eastern Europe
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12/11/12 o Yalta 1945 o Potsdam 1945 – Roosevelt died & was replaced by Truman; & Altee; Stalin wanted more territory as a buffer; no written agreement that came out of the Potsdam Conference – Stalin got the idea that the Allies were giving him territory he felt betrayed when he was wrong; Allies thought he was being aggressive for trying to take it after Germany is divided into zones Germany & USSR are very big powers – Stalin built USSR up USSR had a lot of land, resources & people US could afford to finance (aid) Europe’s economy War separated two camps: Cold War – the west felt that communism was cheating – convinced the world that communism was a threat – Berlin Blockade – Germany divided in zones; Berlin was in the USSR zone & divided into 4 additional areas – felt that a strong Germany was better than a strong Russia – everybody but USSR consolidating their zone USSR has its one little zone – West Germany was formed – Stalin saw this as a threat & blocked off road and railway access for Eastern Germany – Berlin became busiest airline in the world
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