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5 what was the original market for mcdonalds

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5. What was the original market for McDonald’s? McDonald’s original market was basically any American who enjoyed inexpensive but quality fast food. 6. Has this market changed over the years? The market has changed over the years. McDonald’s is coming out with healthier products to compensate for the accusations the company has gotten for obesity. Also, it has expanded geographically. The company is also taking greater initiative for cleanliness 7. What “consumer patterns” did consumers bring to McDonald’s? One “consumer pattern” that consumers bought was the filet-of-fish. One owner operator noticed on Fridays sales were lower during lent because Catholics weren’t eating meat. The owner operator decided to include fish on the menu to cater to those Catholics and filet of fish became popular, since the pineapple and cheese-made burger was a fail. 8. What competition did/does McDonald’s face in its history/current markets? McDonald’s faces competition from many fast food chains like Burger King, Wendy’s, and others. 9. What caused the company to stumble? New CEO introduced new rotating menu items “Made For You”; new kitchen equipment for fresher, customized orders; cost was borne by franchisees and owner/operators, forcing them to find other ways to keep costs down; impacted operational factors (cleanliness), training, and upcoming; The company stumbled because it was not being responsive to customer needs. Customers felt that there was rude and low service, unprofessional employees and inaccurate service. They also tried opening too many stores too quickly and were unable to manage them properly. 10. How does McDonald’s define “consumer satisfaction”? Customer satisfaction is defined by quality service cleanliness and value.
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5 What was the original market for McDonalds McDonalds...

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