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Schools and education institutions have the

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groups are affected by the policy. Schools and education institutions have the responsibility of informing their employees of any policy changes as a result of state and federal mandates. In this case of SSA schools have the responsibility of making sure that they are performing up to par and offering a quality education to their students. SSA requires states to hold a percentage of their yearly budget to invest in low performing schools. These schools would have to offering tutoring and other supplemental education resources. In addition other stake holders that are affected by policies such as the Student Success Act would be tax payers, parents, and most importantly the children that are being educated. Taxpayers, whom may also be the parents of the children in a particular school district, have a financial interest. In recent times homeowners have been asked to approve tax increases to help with issues such as funding to bridge learning gaps. Parents have a responsibility to their children to ensure that they receive a quality education. Parents should be aware of all decisions made regarding their child’s education experience. Lastly, the children are mostly affecting the decisions adults make for them. SAA requires that the school curriculum has learning outcomes that children can identify on a yearly assessment. In addition children should be learning skills that will help them be successful in post secondary education as well as the work force. When evaluating The Student Success Act, The two most important players would be Arne Duncan which is the U.S. secretary of education has served in this post since his confirmation by the U.S. Senate on Jan. 20, 2009, following his nomination by President Barack Obama (Senior Staff, 2012). Mr. Duncan has the responsibilty of bridging gaps between elementary and Post Secondary Education. Duncan works with a committee of persons from
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Running head: Analyzing the Policy 5 various Education influences to address issues in education and how to meat the goals of policies implemnted by congress. The decisions that Congress makes Mr. Duncan and his staff are responsible for implementing and disseminating informaiton of new public policies. The Staes and school districts are also major actors. They have the responsibility to
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Schools and education institutions have the responsibility...

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