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Contractors were responsible for discipline feeding

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Contractors were responsible for discipline, feeding and housing of the prisons 30. Cruel and Unusual - 8 th Amendment – in the 1970s, the US Supreme Court declared the prisons of some states unconstitutional due to cruel and unusual punishment…. know this 31. Cubans from the Mariel boatlift were to be shipped back to Cuba, an 11 day hostage standoff ensured. In Oakdale Facility in Louisiana and the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta 32. UNICOR – Federal Prison Industries, Inc – products and services provided by inmates are sold by UNICOR to other federal agencies – through the gainful employment of inmates in diversified work programs a. The organization offers occupational training and vocational education 33. Privatized Adult Correctional Facilities – inmates are being housed within secure facilities managed by private for-profit organizations a. Issues with government relinquishing control b. Viable low cost option to aid housing the growing prison population c. Often referred to as “ Punishment for Profit” c.i. Dangerous to allow an economic-driven system into the corrections domain 34. Back end solutions – solutions to shorten the sentence of those already imprisoned a. Such as parole b. Emergency release c. Prerelease to halfway houses 35. Parole is the release of an inmate from confinement prior to the end of their sentence on good behavior and supervision in the community a. Over 60% of prisoners are released on parole 36. Pardon – an action of executive clemency which exonerates the prisoner of blame for the offense and relieves him or her of guilt… know who can pardon 37. Amnesty – a form of pardon granted to an entire group or class a. In US often granted to soldiers who avoid service in major wars 38. Parole Board – a board who makes decisions to authorize parole, to set behavior, to revoke parole and to discharge from parole a. Prior to World War II the governor appointed a single commissioner of parole, due to corruption the parole board was formed 39. Consolidated Board – more common since it fosters objectivity and familiarity with institutional programs 40. Rules of Conditional Release – developed by Sir William Crofton’s Irish system in the 19 th century a. Crofton and Captain Alexander Maconochie developed the idea of indeterminate sentence, prisoners behavior determines how long the punishment 41. Shock Parole – designed as a deterrent punishment, providing early parole for first time offenders, a. Intended to give offenders a taste of prison in hope that it will deter them from future offenses 42. Determinate Sentencing – “just deserts” model of sentencing a. Increased pressure to make prisoners serve their full term 43. Capital Punishment – means death for the guilty person, execution …. know this a. Most severe punishment in the US criminal justice system b. Meant for heinous crimes, treason, murder and rape c. Are about 60 crimes where the death penalty can be used c.i. Most controversial subject in criminal justice system d. By 2004, Lethal injection is the preferred method of execution, in all states except Nebraska, followed by electrocution
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e. Advocates of the death penalty argue this is the criminal systems greatest deterrent
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Contractors were responsible for discipline feeding and...

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