She decided that to take a job in columbus ohio at a

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She decided that to take a job in Columbus, Ohio at a chemical plant, and my dad, brother, mother and I would be the only ones moving the rest of our family was staying in Chicago. She could tell by my brothers and my facial expressions that we were not at all thrilled about this new life adventure. She was right, my heart instantly shattered I wanted to just cry and beg for her to let me stay with one of my aunts. But I could tell by the tone of her voice and the excitement in her eyes that, that option was not a choice at all. Leaving my friends and family was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I did not know what to expect coming to Ohio, my home was in Illinois and that’s all I ever knew. A million questions were running through my head: Why would she take that job? Why couldn’t the rest of my family come too? Will I fit in? What was my new house going to be like? Was
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SOCIOLOGY AND ME my new room going to have enough room for all my toys? The list of questions were endless, I could not sleep at all. We left Illinois on a hot early August morning. I remember feeling like the car ride was forever. My brother and I played car games to try and keep from thinking of the family we had left. We stopped a couple times to get food and to stretch our legs but the breaks never seemed to be long enough. Our legs were so sore and everyone seemed so cranky. This did not seem
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She decided that to take a job in Columbus Ohio at a...

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