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week 8 assignment 1 keeven christiansen com155

They dont get the hands on labs or get to play with

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get hands on experience. They don’t get the hands on labs or get to play with the technology in front of them and be able to ask questions to the instructor as you would be able to in a traditional schooling class. Convenience is one of the major advantages that online schooling so that the student learns at their own pace without unyielding time restriction that you would have with traditional schooling. There are major advantages of online schooling and traditional schooling and how they work for every student’s situation. When looking into schooling there are many things that one must consider. If there’s a full time job that needs to be worked around, single parents, or have to work around both. When working a full time job online offers more flexibility in a student. This makes it easy to get your work done when the student has time. With traditional schooling because of set schedule’s that have to be kept this may be the way that a single non-working student works for best. There are a lot of [Only commercial shipments and real estate are measured in lots. To use "a lot
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of" to mean "many," "much," or "a large amount" is a colloquialism (not universally clear). Use another term.] family’s that do handle working a full time job as well with traditional school and it works out really good for them. When considering online schooling there is less recourse when concerning online schooling over traditional schooling so that you may have the internet [Capitalize "Internet" as the worldwide communication network] but [Grammar: A run-on sentence requires a comma before "but" (or other conjunction) linking main clauses] you may not have access to a collage library to get your resources. Traditional schooling you have all of the resources that you could need by going to the school library as well as the internet [Internet] . Something else that must be considered is a big lack of supervision in online schooling. The students have to keep a constant motivated to finish their online schooling. With this the students have to make sure to make time in there day so that they can get there work done with in that week. Another important disadvantage of taking an online course is found in students who have the tendency to procrastinate. This works against the online student because there is no instructor watching over the student every day to remind them that the assignment is soon. When concerning online schooling versus traditional they both have their advantages and disadvantages however the student decides to improve their education it is in their hands. Online school works extremely well for the working family. It benefits them the best with flexibility of schooling hours and not set time that you have to be in class. It is my opinion that online schooling may sound a lot [Avoid using "lots" or "a lot of"] easier than traditional schooling but because of the flexibility and lack of supervision it can almost be more difficult. It takes hard work and dedication to get through the programs that the schooling systems put in place for students to better their ["Better" can be used as a verb, but it is also an adjective, an adverb, and a noun--bringing likelihood of misinterpretation. Try a more concise word such as "improve" or "enhance."] education.
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They dont get the hands on labs or get to play with the...

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