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Cyberspace and Society lecture notes

Convergence o technological or digital convergence is

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o Technological, or digital, convergence is a process by which several technologies with district functionalities evolve to form a single product o Convergence tends to offer enhanced functionality and convenience Social and Ethical Issues o Threat to personal privacy posed by databases and networks (social and physical) o Difficulty of defining and protecting intellectual property o Threat of automation o Emergence of biodigital technology o Danger of dependence on technology o Abuse of information as a tool of political/economic power A little history o The underlying technology was invented in the late half of the 19th century and became economical for widespread adoption after the invention of the personal computer . o The 1880 Census took 7 years to count o Due to population expansion, the 1890 census was expected to take 13 years to count Digital timeline o 1950-1974: Institutional Computing Era o 1975-1994: Personal Computing Era o 1995-2004: Interpersonal Computing Era o 2005-???: Collaborative Computing Era
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Convergence o Technological or digital convergence is a...

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