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Assignment 4

B z 02309 p value pr z 023 04090 assuming a

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b) Z = = -0.2309 P-value = Pr (Z < -0.23) = 0.4090 Assuming a significance level of 0.05, 0.4090 > alpha, therefore we do not have significant evidence to show that the cracking rate has decreased from 25%. The sample data are compatible with the cracking rate of 25%. Z = = -4.0166 P-value = Pr (Z < -4.016) = 0.0000 Assuming a significance level of 0.05, 0.0000 < alpha, there is evidence to say that the cracking rate is no longer 25%. The evidence shows that the changes made to the casting process may have helped reduce the cracking rate.
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c) The two hypothesis tests had different outcomes. There was not enough evidence to reject the null hypothesis in the first test, but we rejected it in the second. The lesson to be learned is that the p-value decreases as the sample size increases, meaning that our tests will be more statistically significant. d) Yes, the results would be the same, because the z-stat will just be positive instead of the negative value that we obtained from the first test with the same p-value. Question 4 – Jeopardy! winnings a) The sampling distribution of the mean winnings (in $) is bimodal with two peaks, somewhat symmetrical, and has an outlier (at the point $35,201). Mean = $18,459.25
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b Z 02309 P value Pr Z 023 04090 Assuming a significance...

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