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Indian mutinyfirst war of indian independence 1857

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Indian Mutiny/First War of Indian Independence (1857) Opium Wars (1839-42/1856-60) Egyptian Debt Crisis/Arabi Revolt (1870s/1880s) Telegraphs/Steamships/Railroads/International Finance/19 th Century Migration Tariffs/Free Trade Tanzimat (1830s-1870s)
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Meiji Restoration (1867) Sino-Japanese War (1894-5) Scramble for Africa (1880/90s) Cecil Rhodes Jules Ferry Boxer Rebellion (1900) Indian National Congress (founded 1885) European Alliance System Constitutional Revolutions (c. 1905-1911) Balkan Crises and the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand (1914) World War I (1914-18) Trench Warfare (World War I) The Battle of the Somme (1916) Total War Treaty of Versailles (1919) V.I. Lenin Mohandas K. Gandhi Adolf Hitler Franklin D. Roosevelt Great Depression (begins 1929 in USA) World War II (1939-45) Blitzkrieg Strategic Bombing (aerial bombing) Holocaust UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) Cold War (1940s-1980s) Joseph Stalin Truman Doctrine (1947) Atomic Weapons Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) Decolonization (1940s-1970s) Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) September 11, 2001
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Indian MutinyFirst War of Indian Independence 1857 Opium...

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