The aim of educating staff on what to report is aimed

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The aim of educating staff on what to report is aimed at heightening the use of the reporting system so that the safety manager can appreciate what defences are absent, and predict which existing defences may be susceptible the organisation should understand what lack of feature within, or perhaps external to, the organisation requires remediation. Key areas for staff to consider include: fatigue training excessive workload medical equipment design or maintenance practices action/inaction in the form of error, violation, omission organisational procedures other human factors In the past, most reports were held in hard copy and required extensive effort to file, retrieve and manipulate. However, technological development means that all reports may now be stored, sorted and retrieved with minimal fuss. The creation of a data base is central to the SMS because it provides management with the source of knowledge to support organisational safety initiatives. Storage and retrieval of data assists safety managers to build a company history on specific matters of interest, this might include cockpit or maintenance errors that (otherwise unknowingly) re-occur and which may, in conjunction with other events, contribute to a broader and significant safety risk. Records of the following types of safety associated activities should be retained within the system: All safety reports Hazard log and the associated risk analysis Results of analysis and any other investigations All safety recommendations and actions/non actions Management interventions Audits Obtaining the confidence of staff to utilise the reporting system is of primary importance as reporters may, understandably, be reluctant to specify their own errors or those of others. This needs to be considered in light of the fact that often, following an accident or incident, investigations reveal that key personnel knew and/or understood the existence of a hazard but chose not to report it. Safety analysis With staff utilising the reporting system, management will have an accumulation of data about their organisation. However, this alone is quite meaningless unless someone manipulates the data to derive knowledge and devise conclusions about the organisation