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4. Inspiration to help all members of the department / division to do their best cheerfully. 5. Influence in restraining other members from saying or doing anything detrimental to the organisations welfare. 6.2. WORK ASSIGNMENTS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS 1. Writing: News releases, newsletters, correspondence, reports, speeches, booklet texts, radio and television copy, film scripts, trade paper and magazine articles, institutional advertisements, product information, and technical materials. 2. Editing: Special publications, employee newsletters, shareholder reports, and other communications directed to internal and external publics. 3. Media Relations and placement: Contacting news media, magazines, Sunday supplements, free-lance writers, and trade publications with the intent of getting them to publish or broadcast news and features about or organised by the organisation. Responding to media requests for information or spokesperson. 4. Special events: Arranging and managing press conferences, convention exhibits, open houses, anniversary celebrations, fund-raising events, special observances, contests, and award programmes. 5. Speaking: Appearing before groups and arranging platforms for others before appropriate audiences by managing a speaker’s bureau.
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6. Production: Creating communications using multimedia knowledge and skills; including art, photography, and layout for brochures, booklets, reports, institutional advertisements, and periodical publications; recording and editing audio and video tapes; and preparation of audio visual presentations. 7. Research: Gathering intelligence – enabling the organisation to plan programmes responsive to its public’s and problem situations, monitoring public relations programme effectiveness during implementation, and evaluating programme impact. 8. Programming and counseling: Determining needs, priorities, goals, publics, objectives, and strategies. Collaborating with management or clients in a problem- solving process. 9. Training: Working with executives and other organisational representatives to prepare them for dealing with the media, and for making presentations and other public appearances. In service staff development. 10. Management: Administering the operation of the public relations function – personal, budget and programmes. 6.3. REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCCESS Skills = Effective writing = Persuasive speaking Knowledge = In-depth knowledge of various media. = Understanding of management process = Business, financial acumen.
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Abilities = Problem solver = Decision-maker. = Deft in handling people generates confidence. = Assumes responsibility Quality = Stability and common sense. = Drive and enthusiasm. = Wide-ranging interests and intellectual curiosity. = Good listener. = Tolerance for frustration. = Style. Courtesy: Jo Proctor, "the path to the top", Public relations journal, volume 39.
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