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Notification can be made at any time by calling

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Unformatted text preview: Notification can be made at any time by calling 215-503-7950, or by e-mailing to [email protected] 2. Make-up work policies Secondary to receiving approval for an absence, arrangements for makeup assessments and/or coursework will be determined by the course coordinator. 3. Extra-Credit Work There is no provision for extra-credit work. P. Compliance with School Policies 1. This course will adhere to the Code of Conduct and Academic Policies and Procedures (Grading System, Academic Integrity, Confidentiality of Student Records, Disability Accommodations, Add/Drop/Withdrawal, Grade Appeal Protocol, Registration, etc.) as contained in the current Jefferson School of Pharmacy Student Handbook, which can be accessed via the Class of 2012 Blackboard Organization page. 2. Registration Status: Students are responsible for the status of their registration at all times. The instructor will advise that a change in status has occurred when so informed by the College/University. Only students who are properly registered and who appear on the official class roster can remain in this course and earn credit and receive a grade. 3. Class cancellations : Cancellations due to weather or other emergency will be announced on KYW AM radio (school closing number: day 173, night 2173), on the TJU emergency hotline (1-800-858-8806). Immunology (PHRM 525) – Syllabus Page 6 of 6...
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