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Question 13 1 out of 1 points growth charts and

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Question 131 out of 1 pointsGrowth charts and development records would be most likely be found in what typeof record?
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Question 140 out of 1 pointsA hospital that participates in Medicare and Medicaid programs must follow:
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Question 151 out of 1 pointsThe term “deemed status” is used to designate an organization that:
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Question 160 out of 1 pointsAccording to AHIMA Best Practice Standards, the Master Patient Index should be
retained for what period of time?
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Question 171 out of 1 pointsWhich of the following is a standardized data set which gathers and maintains dataon Medicare beneficiaries receiving services from a home health agency?
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Question 181 out of 1 pointsA primary care physician (PCP) requests the opinion of a cardiologist who reviewsthe patient’s record, looks at test results and examines the patient. Once the exam iscompleted on the patient, the cardiologist dictates a report that includes recordfindings, impressions and recommendations. What type of report did the cardiologistprovide?
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Question 191 out of 1 pointsNathan is a new coder at the hospital. This is his first day on the job. When he opensthe first paper record in his daily work que, he finds the record forms are allorganized in chronological order. How are the records organized?
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Question 201 out of 1 points
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