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My organizational ability and ambitious outlook are

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My organizational ability and ambitious outlook are useful assets in any job. Through these attributes that I possess, investment banking and marketing are two categories in which I find comfort in seeing myself. Being merely a sophomore at Fordham University, I have already learned so many valuable lessons that I can carry along into my future to develop a successful career. What I have learned from this university is rare, and I probably would not find as easily if I were to have attended another college. The classes that I have been taking consist of prerequisite courses and major-related classes. Some of these classes have taught me things beyond the textbooks, giving me a much deeper understanding of life. For example, this current Management class, which is a requirement for the business school, has opened my eyes completely to a new spectrum of life that I had not noticed prior to the course. There were things about myself that I was not aware of or even believed was true until the surveys and evaluations indicated that they were. There have been lectures and seminars with speakers that talk to students about the future and where they see themselves. What Fordham is providing is awareness. It is vital for students such as myself to become more conscious of themselves and the world. These lessons are not easily understood by people without taking an in-depth analysis, which is why many students end up unsure or misguided of where to go after college. My experience at Fordham is giving me a compass. It may not be necessarily giving me a direction, but it gives me a sense of where I should take my path. I may not know where I will end up after I graduate, but as long as I am able to assess my strengths and conquer my weaknesses, there is no way I will not accomplish success. This journey of ultimately understanding myself had been very unknown before coming to Fordham. As the years go by for me to decide in the field of where I want to work for the rest of my life, I was originally becoming increasingly worried about not figuring it out on time. With all the opportunities my school offers, such as workshops, lectures, clubs and activities, students are able to find a sense of direction or at least some type of motivation to apply to the future. It is during the college stages of a person’s life where one is able to really understand his or herself. Having a much better understanding of my personality and what I have to offer, I am able to better define the path I am leading myself. Knowing that these opportunities are easily attainable, all a person must do is push his or herself to try them out to see if it is worthwhile. By doing this, one can have much more guidance with where he or she would like to go beyond college. Everyone has the potential for so many great things, but it is the ability to apply our assets to the best of our abilities, which will slowly but surely lead a person on one’s destined track.
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