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Must be faith that reason without miracle should

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must be faith that reason without miracle should never plant in me” forgiveness to King Lear by saying that Cordelia was his most priced possession to disown her for a pointless reason. France also does not understand what Cordelia could have done to make King Lear disown her and hate her. Shakespeare is trying to say that King Lear should have not taken Cordelia’s response offensively. “Peace be with Burgundy, since respect and fortunes are his love, I shall not be his wife” Pg 25 (CL) Burgundy decided not to marry Cordelia because he would not receive anything from the king. Cordelia has accepted his response and realizes that he never truly loved her but was more interested in the fortune that came with marrying her. As she notices this she no longer wants to be his wife either. Shakespeare expresses how some people care more about wealth and fortune than love. “’Tis the infirmity of his age. Yet he hath ever but slenderly known himself” Pg 27 (P) I think Regan and Goneril are going to take advantage of King Lear based on his age and because he has now banished his most favored daughter. With Cordelia out of the picture they are going to plan to take King Lear’s entire kingdom. They also think him unwise because he barely knows himself. “Well then legitimate Edgar, I must have your land our father’s love is to the bastard Edmund as to th’ legitimate. Fine word, “legitimate.” Well, my legitimate, if this letter speed and my invention thrive, Edmund the base shall top th’ legitimate. I grow. I prosper. Now, gods, stand up for bastards!” Pg 31 (C) Edmund envies Edgar because he knows that since Edgar is the legitimate son he will always be favored. Shakespeare also uses that sense that legitimate children will always be favored over adopted or half/step children. This is seen in many other works in the world. Although Edmund is not the legitimate son he is planning into getting Edgar in trouble. “O villain, villain! His very opinion in the letter. Abhorred villain! Unnatural, detested, brutish villain! Worse than brutish!-Go, sirrah, seek him. I’ll apprehend him.- Abominable Pg 33 (R) Gloucester has believed Edmund’s lie that Edgar is planning to kill their father. Gloucester is calling Edgar a villain and wants him captured before he actually does do
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villain!-Where is he?” anything. Based on Gloucester’s reaction I can conclude that in this
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must be faith that reason without miracle should never...

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