This means that after the first action is finished

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the flow of control. This means that after the first action is finished, the second action is only executed. A deep black 119 circle describes the beginning of the activity process. A black dot surrounded by a black circle describes the end of the 120 activity process. Black horizontal line separates two or more actions simultaneously. (Pressman, 2010). 121 122 c. Class Diagram 123 The main element in a class diagram is a box, which is an icon used to represent a class. Each box is divided by a 124 horizontal line. The top part contains the name of the class. The middle section contains the attributes of each class. 125 Each attribute refers to something that is an object in the class. Each attribute can have a name, type and symbol. 126 Symbols are indicated by -, #, ~ or +, each of which indicates that the attribute is private, protected, package or public. 127 (Pressman, 2010). 128 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 129 Requirements And Capture Modeling 130 The process of analyzing and designing an application using USDP starts with defining / determining requirements. 131 The requirements for functional and non-functional devices are as follows. 132 133 134 135
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