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5 22 contractors are not members of the army

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5-22. Contractors are not members of the Army Profession; however, they provide valuable support and augment the capabilities of the Profession of Arms and the Army Civilian Corps. Hired under contractual terms for specific tasks of a specified duration, contractors provide essential skills and perform technical and administrative tasks that allow Army professionals to focus on their primary missions. Contractors are an important part of any current or future Army effort. 5-23. The progression from civilian volunteer to certified Army professional is vital to strengthening the military expertise of the Army Profession. This is a constant challenge due to rapidly changing conditions, advancing technology, and the variety of missions we are assigned. As such, ensuring this progression must remain a strategic priority for senior Army leaders.
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14 June 2015 ADRP 1 6-1 Chapter 6 Stewardship of the Army Profession A common thread runs through all that we do. That thread is the stewardship of the profession, of what it means to be a soldier. Chief of Staff of the Army General Raymond T. Odierno CARING FOR THE ARMY PROFESSION NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE 6-1. The essential characteristics of the Army Profession trust, honorable service, military expertise, stewardship, and esprit de corps establish what General George C. Marshall described as the common spirit that binds us together as a unique military profession. Together, these characteristics explain what it means for the Army to be a profession. 6-2. As stewards of the Army Profession, it is our duty to strengthen these characteristics every day and in everything we do (see figure 6-1). Stewardship is necessary for the Army Profession to be worthy of the trust of the American people, now and for the future. Figure 6-1. Stewardship of the Army Profession
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Chapter 6 6-2 ADRP 1 14 June 2015 OUR OFFICE AS ACCOUNTABLE STEWARDS 6-3. Stewardship is the responsibility of Army professionals to strengthen the Army as a profession and to care for the people and other resources entrusted to them by the American people . Army professionals continuously strive for excellence in the performance of duty to accomplish every mission ethically, effectively, and efficiently. Stewardship requires that we understand our work is more than just a job; it is an office. We accept this sense of office when sworn in under oath; this is explicit in the oaths taken by Army officers and Army Civilians (and implied in the Oath of Enlistment). These oaths conclude with the language: And that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter. 6-4. The office which Army professionals enter upon taking their oath is not a physical workspace; it is a moral workspace. This unique workspace involves our subordination to the moral responsibilities of the profession. Specifically, Army professionals are stewards of the sacred trust with the American people.
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