They are characterized as children of the millennials

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adapting other names such as the iGeneration or the Homeland Generation (Strauss, 2017). They are characterized as children of the millennials and Generation X (Strauss, 2017). Generation Z has been notably distinguished for the widespread technological advancement present during their existence (Strauss, 2017). Due to this, they have been widely described as the most tech savvy generation out of all their predecessors being more reliant on Social Media (Straus, 2017). Strauss claims that in 2015, 77% of 12-17 year olds were found to have owned a phones (2017). Generation Z therefore has been described as a generation strongly influenced by technology with regards to their communication and education (Strauss, 2017). However, as most generations may misconceive them as a generation that prioritizes Social Media over everything else, an Ipsos MORI survey for the BBC regarding the different generations contradicts this through their findings wherein they discovered that 44% of the individuals from Generation Z prioritize their families (Smith, Boreham & Patel, 2017). Moreover, Generation Z describes themselves further beyond their technological advancements. In a 2014 study entitled Generation Z goes to college , it was found that Generation Z students themselves identify as loyal, empathetic, compassionate, open-minded, passionate, and thoughtful (Strauss, 2017). Furthermore, in the Ipsos MORI Survey, it was discovered that Generation Z
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