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Responsibility of managing their ict systems to a

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responsibility of managing their ICT systems to a third party like BT that has the relevant skills at its core. BT has such skills, it argues, because in its own transformation from a public sector organisation to a private company, it placed ICT processes and management at its core, reducing its own cost base and focusing on competitive advantage and customer care by aligning its people, processes and technology. The result is that it believes it can offer a: Totally integrated approach to IT infrastructure, software systems and applications which enables us to manage more effectively on behalf of our customers. .. BT can take some or all of the operational responsibility on behalf of the clients' ICT departments. We are able to provide a customised communication service that involves taking over the customer's existing network, including services from other carriers. All solutions are tailored to meet the specialised needs of each customer. .. our services will go to the extent of transferring assets including staffing resources. We buy the assets from our customers that we need to serve their top technology needs. As a result they get a capital injection by removing those assets from the balance sheet. .. these organisations can then plough the money they saved into products that benefit their core competences, focused on giving a high quality service to their customers. MS-11
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responsibility of managing their ICT systems to a third...

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