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Q how do you decide the worth of an item a as this is

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Unformatted text preview: Q: How do you decide the worth of an item? A: As this is not the only market i visit i have an idea about the overall average price of an item in different markets so I can quote a cheaper price to the vendor. I know what a shirt costs in sadder, park towers or liberty so I can guess the average price of a shirt here. Q: Do you think females are better bargainers or males? A: Females are a lot better bargainers. Q: Well why is that? A: Maybe because they are good at talking whereas men are more the silent type except for those who are in the field of marketing. Q: Do you think you are a good bargainer? A: Yes. Because my field is Marketing which makes me a good bargainer. Respondent # 58 Gender: Male Profession: Salaried Age:35-40 Q: What do you get from here? A: There is good branded stuff here; some is new whereas some is used. Sometimes you get really good stuff in used jeans or t-shirts. Q: You come here frequently? A: Yes Q: So do you bargain? A: Yes Q: You also quote a 10% less rate? A: No. Actually I bargain around 50%. Q: How do you do that? A: Well we start off at 50percent and the vendor eventually gives us a discount of 20-25percent. It also depends on the time. If you try to bargain in the morning it won’t be so effective whereas if you come around evening (maghrib) or night (closing time) you might easily get a 50% off quoted price.Atleast 30-40% off Q: Where do you live? A: Clifton Q: Do you come here alone or with family and friends? A: Friends and Family 136 Q: Can you bargain in front of your Family or Friends? A: Yes. No Issues. Q: Do you boast to your family about getting stuff from Sunday bazaar? A: I don’t buy stuff that may seem that I’ve got it from Sunday bazaar. Q: What kind of stuff is excluded? A: Jeans, Shirts, ladies hand bags etc. Previously Shoes too but now only local brands of shoes are available. Q: Do you think bargaining is a necessity or do you do it for entertainment? A: I think it’s a necessity because the vendors always quote a high price. And because we know the market price therefore we would know how much a new levis jeans would cost. For example 3000rs then the used one should not be more than 300rs. Q: Do you come here with a fixed budget? A: No fixed budget or shopping list. We get whatever we like. Q: How do you feel when you buy something at a cheaper price? A: No such feelings because we only buy stuff that we like randomly. No prepurchase decision making. But I know that many people who come here to Sunday bazaar come here with a budget and a shopping list. I think most of the people are from around this locality, someone from Gulshan would never come here. Q: Whats the reason for bringing your friend here?...
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Q How do you decide the worth of an item A As this is not...

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