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Student senate and our fellow students are also

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Student Senate and our fellow students are also authentic and behavioral leaders, leading by example and trying to involve all students on campus, but also situational leaders by participating and being involved on campus. All of these leaders use the same sources of power: legitimate (based on their positions), referent (because they are well-like and respected by their peers), reward (because they can offer and implement ideas and changes of value to the university), and expert (based on their level of experience and common sense) (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009). All of our leaders help to create a great atmosphere of involvement and achievement for the students and faculty that attracts more and more new students to WSU. Along with the many successful leadership models, we also have many teams that help attract new students and help create successful graduates. Teams are an effective way to get people working together and help them learn how to function in the real world. There are a few main types of teams that are at work at Winona State: functional, cross-functional, problem-solving, and self-managed (personal communication, November 19, 2012). Functional teams (teams that work together daily on similar tasks with coordinated efforts) are the most common types of teams, i.e. athletic teams, classes, and different departments. Use of these teams help bring people together of similar interests and create an atmosphere of inclusion (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009). Then there are cross-functional, self-managed, and problem-solving teams, i.e. the colleges, classes, clubs, and informal groups (study groups, project groups, etc.), that bring members together to identify and solve problems (personal communication, November 19, 2012). Groups like this teach people to problem solve
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Student Senate and our fellow students are also authentic...

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