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In periods of rising prices the use of lifo will

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LIFO. In periods of rising prices, the use of LIFO will result in the lowest net income and thus the lowest income tax expense. 7. Net realizable value (estimated selling price less any direct cost of disposition, such as sales commissions). 8. a. Gross profit for the year was understated by $23,950. b. Merchandise inventory and stockholders’ equity (retained earnings) were understated by $23,950.
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Ex. 6–10 a. 1. FIFO inventory > (greater than) LIFO inventory 2. FIFO cost of goods sold < (less than) LIFO cost of goods sold 3. FIFO net income > (greater than) LIFO net income 4. FIFO income tax > (greater than) LIFO income tax b. In periods of rising prices, the income shown on the company’s tax return would be lower than if FIFO were used; thus, there is a tax advantage of using LIFO. The federal tax laws require that if LIFO is used for tax purposes, LIFO must also be used for financial reporting purposes. This is known as the LIFO conformity rule. Thus, selecting LIFO for tax purposes means that the company’s reported income will also be lower than if FIFO had been used. Companies using LIFO believe the tax advantages
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