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Spectrophotometer cuvette french little tub p1000

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• Spectrophotometer Cuvette (French = little tub) • P1000 Microtiter Pipette and Blue Tips A Bit about your Genesys 20 Spectrophotometer Controls (which are insanely Simple) • On/Off Switch (Toggle Switch on the Back Left) Please leave your Spectrophotometer turned “On”. • LCD Screen (Top Left) You’ll be reading a Number (% Absorbance) from this Screen. • Soft Keys 1 and 2, and Scroll Keys (Round Buttons) Please don’t touch these Keys. All the Values are pre-set. • Wavelength Up and Down Keys (Half Ovoid Buttons) Please don’t touch these Keys. The Wavelength is set to 600 nm. • O ABS / 100% T Key (Ovoid Button) This is the Zero Button. You’ll only touch this Key once. • A / T / C Key (Ovoid Button) Please don’t touch this Key. “A” (“Absorbance”) has been pre-set. • Utility Key (Ovoid Button) Please don’t touch this Key. It’s for Diagnostics. • Print Key (Ovoid Button) Please don’t touch this Key. It’s for an (Optional) Print Function. • Sample Compartment Door (Top Right) You’ll open this Hatch and insert the Cuvette into the appropriately sized Opening in the Sample Holder inside. Don ʼ t touch any Key except the Zero Key, OK?
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Lab 2 Page 8 Zeroing your Genesys 20 1. Add about 1 ml (1000 μ l) of Water to your Cuvette and insert this Cuvette into the Sample Holder underneath the Sample Compartment Door. • Orient the Cuvette so the Arrow on the Front of the Cuvette is lined-up with the Arrow in the Sample Compartment. 2. Zero your Blank Cuvette by pressing the “0 ABS / 100% T” Button once Once you ʼ ve Zeroed your Cuvette, please don ʼ t touch this Button again! 3. Remove your Cuvette and decant the Contents into the Waste Beaker near your Spectrophotometer • Invert the Cuvette over a Paper Towel to drain any excess Water. Growth Curve Set-Up 1. Use your Sharpie to label the Foil on your Flask in the Shaking Water Bath with your Initials or some distinct Symbol, Pictogram, or Idiogram. 2. Have your Tutor inoculate your Flask with ~5 ml of Logarithmic Phase E. coli . • Your Tutor will be serving-up these E. coli next to our Dorm Incubators by the Media Rack. Your Flasks do not currently contain any E. coli . Unless you get it from your Tutor, you ʼ ll simply be measuring the Absorbance of nothing but Media every 10 Minutes. Everyone in Lab will point at you and laugh, and you will feel profoundly Stupid. 4. Swirl your Flask and take a Sample Reading as soon as possible 3. Record Time Zero (T = 0) in your Lab Notebook. 5. Return your Flask to the Shaking 37°C Water Bath as soon as possible. 6. Take a Sample Reading at 10 Minute Intervals (See Below). The Time between each Sample Reading does not absolutely, positively have to be exactly 10 Minutes. It can be 8 Minutes one Time and 11 Minutes another Time. Just be sure and accurately record each Sample Time in your Lab Notebook.
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