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Page | 8 DR Run Book Template provided by Xtium © 2013 Table of Contents Document Control 7 Contact Information 8 Data Center Access Control List 10 Communication Structure of Plan 11 Declaration Guidelines 13 Alert Response Procedures 15 Issue Management and Escalation 16 Changes to SOP During Recovery 17 Infrastructure Overview 19 Data Center 19 Network Layout Topology 21 Access to Facilities 21 Order of Restoration 22 System Configuration 23 Backup Configuration 25 Monitors 26 Roles and Responsibilities 27 Data Restoration Processes 29
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Page | 9 DR Run Book Template provided by Xtium © 2013 Document Control Document creation and edit records should be maintained by your company’s disaster recovery coordinator (DRC) or business continuity manager (BCM). If your organization does not have a DRC, consider creating that role to manage all future disaster recovery activities. Document Name Disaster Recovery Run Book for [Your Company’s Name Here] Version Date created Date last modified Last modified by Document Change History Version Date Description Approval V 1.0 11/20/2010 Initial version Business Owner / DRC V1.1 12/30/2010 End of year DR test action plan updates to run book Test Manager / DRC Keep the most up-to-date information on your disaster recovery plan in this section, including the most recent dates your plan was accessed, used and modified. Keep a running log, with as many lines as necessary, on document changes and document reviews, as well.
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