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States or in the pacific northeast the one exception

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States or in the Pacific Northeast (the one exception is California) (Matthews 325). Along with these states, there are many organizations that believe homosexual couples are completely competent in raising children. The American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of Social Workers are all examples of organizations that support permitting same-sex couples to adopt (Averett 130). With all of this support against bans on gay parenting and adoption, there has been an increase with adoption agencies complying to
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help homosexual couples with their adoption process. About 60% of adoption agencies accept applications from gays and lesbians and around 39% of these companies have placed children with homosexual adoptive parents (Matthews 322). This study has proven that homosexual adoption is on the rise, but also that there acceptance is increasing as well. Even though adoption agencies have progressed in becoming more excepting towards homosexual clients, about 24% of birthparents who chose to adopt out their children objectify to allowing their children become apart of a family with homosexual parents (Matthews 323). Homosexuals just want to be permitted to become parents as easily as it is for heterosexual couples. Over the years, instead of being accepted, stereotypes and bans have been put in place in order to prevent homosexuals from becoming parents. These stereotypes need to end; our society needs to become more accepting of people that are against the norm. Through research, it has been proven that homosexual couples have substantial relationships and there is no difference in the upbringing of children with homosexual parents than children with heterosexual parents. Being that there is no significant difference between the two, there should be no discrimination within the adoption process. All in all, homosexuals are just as competent as heterosexual couples in becoming parents when they are given the chance. 9
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