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Choose two a it enables access to externally attached

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(Choose two.)A. It enables access to externally attached storage systems.B. It supports only one emulation type.C. It physically moves data from external to internal storage systems.D. It simplifies storage tier management across multiple storage systems.Answer:A, D
QUESTION:214A customer has the Hitachi Device Manager CLI installed on their laptop to managetheir Hitachi VSP. What needs to be configured in the HiCommandCLI.propertiesfile on the laptop?C
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QUESTION:215A customer has a data warehouse comprising six 500GB LUNs. They run extensivereports that only use a fraction of the database. Currently, the storage administratorshave to move the hot LUN from external to internal storage when they receivereports of slow performance and this requires reserving 3TB of space in each tier tohandle I/O peaks. They would like HDS to provide a solution that efficiently usesstorage, migrates only active content based on sustained I/O without storageadministrator intervention and no external servers. Which combination of HitachiProgram Products would you recommend?D
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QUESTION:216In the Hitachi Command Suite, which two operations can Logical Groups be usedfor? (Choose two.)
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QUESTION:217A customer needs to migrate 10 LDEVs from an old storage array to a new HitachiDynamic Provisioning pool on a new storage array. Both storage arrays arevirtualized behind a Hitachi VSP. They would like to use Hitachi Tiered StorageManager to do the migration and have created a storage tier based on the new HDPpool and will use this as the migration target. Which statement is true regarding thetarget HDP V-VOLs?A. They need to be pre-created with the same size as the source LDEVs.B. The storage administrator will be prompted to create them.C. They will be created automatically when the task is started.D. They need to be pre-created larger than the source LDEVs.Answer:C
QUESTION:218You must configure a Universal Volume Manager (UVM) Mapping Policy forexternal storage on a Hitachi VSP using the Storage Navigator GUI. Which twofields can be defined in the Edit Policies window? (Choose two.)
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