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Project Dollarama

We will consider the companys internal control as

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We will consider the Company’s internal control as part of the consolidated financial statement audit. This includes obtaining an understanding of the internal controls relevant to our audit; evaluating the design of those controls; and determining whether they have been implemented. This understanding is sufficient to allow us to identify and assess the risks of material misstatement of the consolidated financial statements and to design and perform audit procedures. We are not, however, required to determine whether relevant controls are operating effectively, as such, our understanding of internal controls should not be relied upon for any other purposes. 6 "We are - the relationship you can count on" - Chiu & Weisserman, LLP
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Page 2 April 11, 2012 Dollarama Inc. 1. 2 Management's Responsibilities Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the consolidated financial statements and notes, including the initial selection of and changes to significant estimates and accounting policies, in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. This responsibility also includes creating and maintaining policies, financial reporting systems and controls, including those designed to prevent and detect fraud and error, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Management is required to provide an adequate description of their selected applicable financial reporting framework on which the financial statements are based. During the course of our audit, management will be required to provide and make available complete information that is relevant to the preparation and presentation of the financial statements, including financial records and related data, and copies of all minutes of meetings of shareholders, directors and committees of directors. As well, information relating to any known or probable instances of non-compliance with legislative or regulatory requirements (including financial reporting requirements), non-compliance or possible non-compliance with laws and regulations and all related parties and related party transactions will need to be provided. Management will be required to allow access to those within the entity from whom the auditor determines it necessary to obtain audit evidence. In accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards, we will request a letter of representation from management at the close of our examination in order to confirm oral representations given to us and reduce the possibility of misunderstanding concerning matters that are the subject of the representations. Specifically, we will request written confirmation of significant representations provided on matters that are directly related to items that are material, either individually or in the aggregate, to the consolidated financial statements; not directly related to items that are material to the consolidated financial statements; but are significant, either individually or in the
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We will consider the Companys internal control as part of...

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