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14 3-oct wed 10:00 antigen recognition by t

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Unformatted text preview: 14 3-Oct Wed 10:00 Antigen Recognition by T Lymphocytes (continued); MHC restriction, Antigen presentation, direct presentation vs. cross presentation, TCR complex Hersperger 15 4-Oct Thurs 11:00 Team-Based Learning: Antigen Presentation Quiz Students 16 8-Oct Mon 11:00 Development of T and B Lymphocytes; Positive and Negative Selection, Maturation, Migration (T cell development primarily, comparison to B cells) Snyder 17 10-Oct Wed 10:00 T Cell Mediated Immunity; Traffic of antigen/lymphocytes; T cell activation, Differentiation and cytokine production Calkins 18 11-Oct Thurs 11:00 Chapter 8: T Cell Mediated Immunity (continued); Effector cells and functions, Migration, Regulation Calkins 19 15-Oct Mon 11:00 Team-Based Learning: T Cell Responses Quiz Students Exam #2 17-Oct Wed 10:00 Exam #2; 50 min. NA 20 18-Oct Thurs 11:00 Immunity Mediated by B Cells and Antibodies; B cell activation, differentiation; Cell interactions; Antibody response maturation; Germinal center reaction Calkins 21 22-Oct Mon 11:00 Immunity Mediated by B Cells and Antibodies (continued); Antibody effector mechanisms; Memory; Regulation Calkins 22 24-Oct Wed 10:00 The Body’s Defenses Against Infection; Pathogen escape mechanisms, T and B cell Memory, other types of responses ( γδ T, NK, NKT) add to Defenses Snyder 23 25-Oct Thurs 11:00 Introduction to Patient-Oriented Problem Solving (POPS); Tetanus Immunity, pre-test Students 24 29-Oct Mon 11:00 Manipulation of the Immune System I – Principles of Vaccines; History of vaccination, Correlates of protection, Role for innate and adaptive immunity in vaccines McGettigan 25 31-Oct Wed 10:00 Principles of Vaccines; Vaccinology in the new millennium, Challenges, Technologies, and alternative methods McGettigan 26 1-Nov Thurs 11:00 POPS #1; Tetanus Immunity Students Exam #3 5-Nov Mon 11:00 Exam #3; 50 min. NA 27 7-Nov Wed 10:00 Failure of the Body’s Defenses; Inherited vs. acquired deficiencies; T vs B cell deficiencies; deficiencies of the Innate System Calkins 28 8-Nov Thurs 11:00 POPS #2; Immunodeficiency Disease Students 29 12-Nov Mon 11:00 Over-Reactions of the Immune System; Hypersensitivity reactions, Types I-IV, cellular mechanisms, genetic association McGeady 30 14-Nov Wed 10:00 Therapies for Over-Reactions of the Immune System; Anaphylaxis, Inflammatory reactions and their prevention/treatment McGeady 31 15-Nov Thurs 11:00 POPS #3; Immediate Hypersensitivity (Bee Careful) Students 32 19-Nov Mon 11:00 Disruption of Healthy Tissue/Autoimmunity and Therapies; Humoral and Cell-Mediated mechanisms, systemic vs. organ- specific disease, Genetic and Environmental factors Sandorfi Immunology (PHRM 525) – Syllabus Page 3 of 6 21-Nov Wed...
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14 3-Oct Wed 10:00 Antigen Recognition by T...

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