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BUS3050-u08d1 Strategic Organizational Communication

Public relations functions that are used is on the

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promotions such as double reward points for booking rental cars, vacation packages, etc. Public relations functions that are used is on the “about us” web page and has things like the fact sheet which tells awards they have won, history, financial statistics and fun facts about the company. I feel that SWA did a very good job of marketing to their targeted audience. The main page has just about everything that a person that is looking to book a flight or combine hotel and car with their flight. They have easy access to reward points, new destinations and the ability to check in for your flight early. I don't think there is anything that SWA could have done different on their website, everything was very easy to find and there were links to other features that customers may need. The overall message SW Airlines is trying to get across is that they are all about servicing the customer. After going to the site I found they offer help in planning the customer's entire vacation and not just their flight. The customer is the main stakeholder that is targeted on the website. The customer is the bread and butter of any company. Without customers you have no business. The site is very user friendly and easy to use.
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Marketing is the main focus of the home page on the site. They fill the space very nicely with links on how to help their customers plan their vacation. With the end result in trying to get their business. The sections on public relations can be found in different links on the bottom of the page under the heading "About Southwest". I found this section to be somewhat "drawn out" a bit. I think SW did a very good job integrating their marketing communications. I think the main reason is they turned the site into "one stop shopping". You are able to plan your whole vacation from one site that is very well laid out .
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